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No. You do not have to pay the entire outstanding balance each month. Instead, you only need to pay the monthly minimum. A Flex Line of Credit operates similarly to a credit card.

A Flex Line of Credit is a way to get cash quickly and easily. Your Line of Credit account is a great resource for ready funds. Simply draw funds whenever you need, up to your credit limit. You control the amount borrowed and you don’t have to re-apply each time you need cash.

You may close your Line of Credit by calling us at 877-262-2274. Please review your Line of Credit agreement for more information.

Your Line of Credit is open-ended, meaning you can access funds as long as you have available credit. Simply draw up to your credit limit whenever you need cash.

We have an unsecured line of credit from $50.00 to $4,000.00, depending upon amount requested a credit check may be required. We also have a secured line of credit from $50.00 to $4,000.00, this product is secured by the customer’s vehicle and the available credit line is based on vehicle’s value. Amounts offered vary by location. call or visit your local store for details.

While each state is different, you may need some of all of these items to apply for an easymoney Line of Credit: An Active Bank Account, Government-Issued Photo ID, Proof of Income, Most Recent Bank Statement, Checking Account + Bank Routing Number, and Social Security Number/ITIN.

A Flex Line of Credit can help with ongoing expenses like home repairs, car trouble, and even consolidating debt into one single source. As you pay down your balance, you are able to draw more.

A Payday Loan is used for unexpected expenses and usually only lasts a few weeks. It is repaid on your next pay date.

A Flex Line of Credit, on the other hand, is an ongoing source of funds you can draw from. Then, as you repay, you may draw again from your line of credit.

You may request a draw from your Flex Line of Credit whenever you need it, as long as you haven’t exceeded your credit limit.

No! Applying for a Flex Line of Credit is completely free.

Once approved, you can walk away with cash from your easymoney store center. You may take a cash draw up to your credit limit, or any amount less than that.

You may still be eligible for a Flex Line of Credit event if you have less-than-perfect credit. You are welcome to apply and see how much you are qualified to receive.

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