Money Orders

Often, you need to send payment but don't want to send cash. Or sometimes, a servicer may require a Money Order. If so, you're in good hands with Easy Money.

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Easy Money Orders

No hassle. We make Money Orders happen fast.


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Money orders can be more reliable than just sending cash.


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How does a Money Order work from Easy Money?

Easy Money can help you out with your Money Order needs. Simply bring your cash. We will turn that cash into a Money Order. No bank account needed. This cash alternative is great if you need to mail funds. Also, some servicers only accept money orders instead of cash or personal checks.

What do I need to bring for an Easy Money Order?

Simply bring your cash into your nearest Easy Money center. You may also need a government-issued photo ID as well. Also, if you need funds, we can help with an Easy Money loan. After that, we can help with a Money Order too.

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How to Make an Easy Money Order

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