Alabama Installment Loans

Live in Alabama and need a larger lump sum of cash? We've got you covered with an Alabama Installment Loan. Borrow up to $5,000 and repay over time.



Access More Cash

These larger loans help you cover life's bigger costs.


Lower Scheduled Payments

Pay it back in smaller increments over more time.


More Time to Repay

Longer loan terms. Take weeks or months to pay off.

Alabama Installment Loans up to $5,000 Cash

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Look, life happens. And when it does, we're happy to help make things a little easier. Just down the street and always by your side.

Alabama Installment Loans

Want more? Installment Loans can offer up to $5,000 with more time to repay.

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Alabama Payroll Advances

Quick and easy, Payday Advances provide up to $500 cash when you're in a pinch.

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Alabama Title Loans

Have a car? Get up to $25,000 for your car's clean title and keep using it as you repay.

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AL Installment Loan FAQs

Yes. We help all sorts of folks with all sorts of credit types. So even if you have less-than-perfect credit, you still may be eligible to receive an Installment Loan.

Once approved, you can walk away with cash in-hand for your Installment Loan.

An Installment Loan – also called a Personal Loan — is typically larger than a Payday Loan, for example. These loans can stretch over a longer amount of time and are repaid in installments. Because of this, your payments might be smaller too.

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AL Payday loans: *Must meet income requirements and be eligible with required state database.

*Title loan amounts determined by condition of vehicle and borrower’s income.  In AL, must be 19 years of age or older.  Not all clients or vehicles will qualify.  Title loans are made under the Alabama Pawnshop Act, Ala. Code 5-19A-1 et seq.